Firefighters save wild boar piglets from drowning, then gamekeeper kills them

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This is a video from Limburg province in the Netherlands, about wild boar piglets which had landed in a canal.

Firefighters then saved them from drowning.

However, as soon as the animals were back on dry land, a gamekeeper killed them.

Limburg province authorities admit the gamekeeper acted illegally.

People in Limburg have started an Internet petition, demanding that the gamekeeper’s licence to hunt is canceled.

The petition (in English) is here.

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In the company of wolves ….

It Is What It Is

~~May 10, 2014~~

In The Company of Wolves

When the moon crests the hills
giving each tree a black pool-shadow
the wolves wade in the forest
wet themselves in the darkness
shake it from their fur
in clearings of light.

their eyes are stars,
their teeth comets their tails
galaxies they are
constellations of the night
they roam the universe

they run as Diana’s companions,
laugh as her silver arrows
and their iron teeth
harvest the hunt’s bounty
they hide in her moon
cloud around her with breath.

they are brave of soul,
clear of eye and mind
they are strong of jaw
they are loyal-kind
they are keen to scent
quick to ‘fend their kin
they are hot of blood
they are slow to sin.

grey brown white black blonde
ear tail paw claw tongue
they play as a pack and they
melt together so that one
is part…

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This is my Hideout

I am Whizzy

I am a Werewolf

My Howl Sound Deep Within The Night

Fill Many Human Heart With Fright

A Hunt And Stalk Under Moonlit Skies

When Full Moon Is Finally On The Rise


I Hunt With Passion, Have One Goal

The Flesh Of Every Rotten Soul

The Flesh Of Hypocrites And Sinners

Of  Leeches And Fraudulent Winners


Of Preachers That Preach Hate Not Love

It’s Thiefs I Like To Eat And Shove

SO Be Kind To Any And To All

Then As My Prey, You Will Not Fall


©Whizzy 2014